A notebook and glasses.Every year the Quills Conference offers an optional workshop track that consists of 3 hour classes taught by our guest professionals. These workshops are available as an add-on to your conference ticket.

Information for the 2021 writing conference will be available soon.

For 2020, we will host 18 different 3-hour workshops across the conference weekend. These workshops will be taught live, via Zoom, over all four days of the conference. Three workshops will run during each three-hour block.

Workshops will not be recorded and will be one-time hands-on instruction. Taught by experts ranging from New York Times Bestseller Michel A. Stackpole to Editor of Agora Books (an imprint of Polis Books) Chantelle Aimeé Osman, topics will range from advanced craft to pitches and queries. 


2020 Workshops:

Linda Addison will be unable to teach "Forms of Poetry" as previously announced. This workshop has been replaced by "Poetry Structure Through the Lens of Horror" by Donna Lynch. Sofiya Pastenack "Jungian Alchemy: The Art and Science of Stories" has also been canceled.

  • Advanced Novel Structure - Michael A. Stackpole
  • Beginnings and Endings - Cat Rambo
  • Disability Inclusive Worldbuilding - Elsa R. Sjunneson
  • From Slush to Shine: Self-editing Your Manuscript - Lee Murray
  • How Horror and Sci-Fi Writers Can Cross Over into Romance and Erotica - Danielle Kaheaku
  • Maintaining Suspense Through a Novel - J.H. Moncrieff
  • Marketing for Writers - J.H. Moncrieff
  • MFA in a Day - Angie Hodapp
  • Pitch Perfect - Chantell Aimeé Osman
  • Pitching Comics - Alex Segura
  • Poetry Structure Through the Lens of Horror - Donna Lynch
  • Pre-Writing Your Novel - Bryan Young
  • The Short Story - Jonathan Mayberry
  • Snapping Pictures with Words - Angie Hodapp
  • Story Fundamentals of Speculative Fiction - Cat Rambo
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Mysteries - Chantell Aimeé Osman
  • Writing Dangerously: Daring to Bring the Personal, Political, and Spirtual into Your Writing - Johnny Worthen

There will also be two one hour workshops available for all attendees:

  • Four Part Pacing - J. Scott Savage
  • How Authors Make Money: Utilizing Subsidiary Rights to Generate Income - Kimberly Brower
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