A notebook and glasses.Every year the Quills Conference offers an optional workshop track that consists of 3 hour classes taught by our guest professionals. These workshops are available as an add-on to your conference ticket.

Workshops will be taught Thursday and Sunday.

Taught by experts ranging from New York Times Bestseller Michel A. Stackpole to Editor of Agora Books (an imprint of Polis Books) Chantelle Aimeé Osman, topics will range from advanced craft to pitches and queries.

2021 Publishing Prep Boot Camp:

NEW FOR 2021!

Want to get an extra jump on your submission for agents and editors? Come to the League of Utah Writers Bootcamp. Chantelle Aimée Osman, acquiring editor of Agora Books, New York Times Bestselling Author Michael A. Stackpole, and award-winning author Bryan Young will put you through an intense boot camp. Send in your first five pages, synopsis, and query letter and this trio of authors will give you feedback and critique in small-group sessions. This half-day workshop is maxed out at 15 attendees and will be split into 3 groups of five. You'll critique each other's first five pages, synopsis, and query letters under the supervision and guidance of these guests. You'll need to submit your pages by August1st. And hurry, space is limited and it will fill up fast.

2021 Workshops:

  • The Art of the Re-Telling - Aminah Mae Safi
  • Character Workshop - Christopher Morgan
  • "Hey Listen!" Writing Voice - Alex Jay Lore
  • Intensive Pitching - Chantelle Aimée Osman
  • Layers: Adding Depth to Your Writing - Callie Stoker
  • Publication Primer - Cory Anderson
  • Short Stories that Sell - Bryan Young
  • Taking Your Plot to the Next Level - Michael A. Stackpole







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