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2021 Keynote Presenter - E.K. Johnston

World Building: Not Just For The Final Frontier

Pre-Quill Keynote - E.K. Johnston
E.K. Johnston is the New York Times Bestselling author of several critically acclaimed YA novels. She likes Pacific Rim and new socks.

2021 Live Workshops

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback with Grace - Linne E. Marsh
  • How to Talk about Your Book - Liz Christensen
  • Making Tropes/Clichés Fresh - Theresa Braun
  • Mastering Pitches and Querying - Bryan Young
  • Punch Up Your Prose: How to Craft Knockout Syntax for Submission - Katherine Monasterio
  • The Shape and Speed of Stories: Learn to Pace and Plot - Bryan Young
  • There are no Rules: Here are 10 - Johnny Worthen
  • Writing Mindfully - Alex Harrow

2021 Pre-Recorded Presentations

  • A Study in Genre - Johnny Worthen
  • Advanced Self-Editing - Talysa Sainz
  • BIPOC and Tropes, Clichés and Stereotypes - J.T. Moore
  • Combat as an element of World Building - J.E. Zarnofsky
  • Creating Characters with Depth and without Contradiction - Liz Christensen
  • Everyday Autism - Talysa Sainz
  • Fantasy Writing Requires Research - Jodi L Milner
  • Five Foolproof Steps to a Finished Novel - Elizabeth A. Drysdale
  • How to Choose The Best Point of View For Your Project - Brooke Clonts
  • How to work with an editor - Kenny B. Smith & Rachael Bush
  • Judging an Author by their Platform: 10 Tips to Build a Professional Author Platform to  - Alex Harrow
  • Lessons Learned from 163 Short Story Submissions - John M. Olsen
  • Making Monsters - Elizabeth Suggs
  • Mining the Human Rights Novel for Your Fiction - Gail Boling
  • "Nah, brah" How to Work with a Publisher - Jonathan Reddoch
  • Not Your Sassy Gay Friend: How to Write Queer Characters Without Harmful Stereotypes - Alex Harrow
  • Plotting Hacks for Pantsers - Ryan Decaria
  • Quick and Dirty Character Creation with the Mash Up Method - Jodi L Milner
  • Races, Places, & Graces: Oh The Places You'll Go - Sofiya Pasternack
  • Revising with Character Arcs - Sofiya Pasternack
  • Scientists Are Readers Too! - Rachael Bush & Laruie Jones
  • Self-Editing Tricks - John M. Olsen
  • Sell the Sizzle: Using Food to Help Tell the Story - Daniel Yocom
  • Setting Up Your Newsletter for Success - Caryn Larrinaga
  • Show Me The Love - Virginia Babcock
  • The Self-Publisher's Guide to Finding an Editor - Aubrey Parry
  • Using Music in Your Fiction - C.H. Lindsay
  • Watching Movies to Make You a Better Writer - Bryan Young
  • What About Those Romans - Nancy Granducci


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